Novel Exons: the 1,172 novel exons discussed in the paper are added by 855 trapclusters which can be downloaded here as FASTA and GFF
Novel Genes: the 8,420 novel trapcluster-genes discussed in the paper can be downloaded here as FASTA and GFF
TrapCLusters: the complete dataset of 31,854 trapclusters can be downloaded here as FASTA and GFF
All the data are referred to the release of the mouse genome NCBIM34 (May 2005 Assembly) and can be visualized as DAS tracks, using the DAS server at on the Ensembl 32 version of the mouse genome.

Use the following instructions to add a das track in the Ensembl genome browser:
Goto a contigview page of your region of interest.
In the "Detailed view", click the "DAS sources menu"
Choose "Manage sources", and then click "Add data source".
Click on "more", type "" in the URL box and then click on the "DSN list" button.
Scroll down the "Data source" menu and click your choice. At the time of writing the four choices are:

* trap_das_32_34, to visualize the 161,437 mapped traps
* trapclusters_das_32_34, to visualize the 31,854 trapclusters
* tcl_novel_exons_das_32_34, to visualize the 855 trapclusters which add 1,172 novel exons to known RefSeq genes
* tclg_das_32_34, to visualize the 8,420 novel trapcluster-genes.
Scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Attach DAS".
Click "Reload" or "Refresh" in your browser to view the annotation track.